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At Bioethics Petfood, we faithfully believe that an investment in pet health is an investment in human health. Pets love us unconditionally! All they need from us in return is love and care. While we do love our furry friends, are we doing enough to care for them? Our cats and dogs depend on us 100% for their care. This is big responsibility that comes with big rewards. That is, if we provide them with the utmost care so that they may live long and happy, giving us many years of unconditional love and companionship.

We fail our pets if we feed them commercial pet food. The ingredients that go into commercial pet food production are not necessary what are best nutritionally for our pets, but what are economically available. Many commercial pet foods contain biologically inappropriate antioxidants, enormous levels of refined sugars and masses of salt together with other chemicals used as colorings and flavorings. This chemical cocktail is a lethal brew which is a major factor in producing the epidemic of degenerative disease leading to pet obesity, diabetes, cancer and renal failure.

BIOethics Pet Food will help make your beloved pets life healthy, happy and long by providing them nutritious, well-balanced and all natural food. We will deliver to your home or office weekly meal plans for your dogs and/or cats, making it easy and convenient for you to have the peace of mind that you are feeding them the very best diet.

Mission Statement

Pets that eat well are pets that live well. And if our pets live well, we are living well. This is why Bioethics Petfood will nourish our pets with a high value product through integrity and conscientiousness"

Our Products

We only use the freshest, regional, top-grade ingredients to produce biologically appropriate foods that promote peak health in dogs and cats, and peace of mind to the people who love them. Our foods are prepared alongside (and on the same equipment as) the finest human foods, to ensure that the very highest production standards are used at all times. All natural, fresh, locally sourced ingredients are gently cooked to retain all beneficial nutrients.

Unique to BIOethics Pet Food's recipes, each of our original recipe starts with high-quality meat. We then add seasonal fruits and vegetables to our core protein ingredients. For example, pumpkin will be added in the fall, cranberries during winter time, and broccoli in the spring.

How the company came about

BIOethics Pet Food was founded by Susan Hua and Brian Lee shortly after graduating from business school. While cooking up a batch of pet food for her menagerie of animals, which Susan has done for over 15 years, she thought, 'Wouldn't it be nice if someone did this cooking for me?' The ah-ha! moment came when Susan realized that there are people who want the very best diet for their companion animals but do not have the time or know-how to make their own pet food. Brian crunched some numbers (actually, a lot of numbers) to determine the feasibility of bringing fresh pet food to local weekly farmers' markets or delivered to pet owners via a subscription basis. Combining their love for animals and a determination to put their graduate degree to use, Susan and Brian set out to change how pets are nourished.

Inspired by the idea of eating fresh (no cans!) and healthy, BIOethics Pet Food aims to help pet owners take their pets' nutrition seriously without having to work harder than placing an order or picking up a supply. Our pets love us unconditionally and depend on us 100% for their care. To love them back, we must take utmost care of them. BIOethics Pet Food is here to help.

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